You are a brave knight sent to save a young maiden!  You soon realize there are lies all around you. Can you survive this deceiving adventure?

Made for Community Game Jam (1 week, ranked 71st out of 1058 entries)

Theme: The Game is a Liar

  • I took comment suggestions and improved the game!
    • When fighting the bosses there is a 2 second immunity frame after being hit.
    • The chasing enemies now get stunned on hit.
    • Added a pause menu with a quit button.
    • The returning magic hammer now does damage too.
    • Pushing blocks are now marked with arrows.
    • Melee animation is faster and collider is improved.
    • The parallax backgrounds move better.  (0 movement on y axis.)
    • Added Browser Play!

Controls: A= Move Left.  D= Move Right.  Space= Jump.  Left-mouse= Attack.  Esc = Pause.

  • Theme: The Game is a Liar
    • How I used the theme (spoilers)
      • The environment is a lie with illusions, your mission is a lie, during the ending you discover the lie.
    • Features fun action combat and fun exploration.
      • Magic shield that reveals terrain and hazards.
      • Magic hammer for melee and ranged damage.
    • Game engine: Unity 2D
      • All codes retyped and edited from previous code I learned.
      • Also created many new codes.
    • Sprites made in Photoshop CC
      • All made during the jam (why the messy brush stroke style hehe)
    • Sound made in sfxr generator and Foley.
      • GF's and my voice.
    • Music made in ecrett music AI.
  • I'm a solo game developer.  My learning goals for this game were:   Improving platforming control skills, using sprites masks, melee attack,  double layer tile-maps, dashing, check points, patrolling enemy that chases once player is close enough.  *all missions complete, except check points and dashing :)*


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Incredible work! Keep it up!

Can you please do a Mac build?

Hello!  I will try~ but in the current build of the game, if I build a mac version it fails :(  I will try and figure it out.

that was fun! and I really liked the revealing effect.

What's the difference between the two executables?

Hmmm I think the one without an image icon is from an older build (before I named the game haha)  I kept building in the same folder, probably a bad idea.

Legit was engaged by your game. Especially once I got the high-jump boots I felt like the combat became more fun and acrobatic. I could jump around the enemies more easily. 

Music would have been a nice touch but I understand there are time restraints.

Overall an extremely good entry :)

Thanks for the awesome comment! I'm super happy you felt engaged~ I too like the movement with the boot upgrade.  I will use them in my future big project for sure!  Thanks again~

Played and finished the game :) Really well done, I like the mechanics of the bosses especially, it made me feel as if I was playing a sort of 2d zelda game. Too bad you couldn't implement checkpoints in time as it would have made it less frustrating to die ^^

Thanks for the great comment! I definitely need to figure out check points haha.  I'm happy you played~