Updated my Community Game Jam game.

FINAL UPDATED VERSION IS OUT! *Now that I can update the game; I took comment suggestions and improved the game!  I think the player experience has been improved greatly!  (Thanks to all who gave feedback, I will do a 30 day game jam for Holloween and make an even better game!)

-When fighting the bosses there is a 2 second immunity frame after being hit.
-The chasing enemies now get stunned on hit.
-Added a pause menu with a quit button.
-The returning magic hammer now does damage too.
-Pushing blocks are now marked with arrows.
-Melee animation is faster and collider is improved.
-The parallax backgrounds move better.  (0 movement on y axis.)                                              


The Quest - Community Game Jam by Neat Games.zip 58 MB
Aug 31, 2019
Updated- The Quest is a Lie - Neat Games (post jam).zip 42 MB
Sep 15, 2019

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