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Can you please do a Mac build?

Hello!  I will try~ but in the current build of the game, if I build a mac version it fails :(  I will try and figure it out.

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!

that was fun! and I really liked the revealing effect.

What's the difference between the two executables?

Hmmm I think the one without an image icon is from an older build (before I named the game haha)  I kept building in the same folder, probably a bad idea.

Legit was engaged by your game. Especially once I got the high-jump boots I felt like the combat became more fun and acrobatic. I could jump around the enemies more easily. 

Music would have been a nice touch but I understand there are time restraints.

Overall an extremely good entry :)

Thanks for the awesome comment! I'm super happy you felt engaged~ I too like the movement with the boot upgrade.  I will use them in my future big project for sure!  Thanks again~

Played and finished the game :) Really well done, I like the mechanics of the bosses especially, it made me feel as if I was playing a sort of 2d zelda game. Too bad you couldn't implement checkpoints in time as it would have made it less frustrating to die ^^

Thanks for the great comment! I definitely need to figure out check points haha.  I'm happy you played~