You are Fluffy, a young warrior defending your forest from evil purple DragobatsYou have only one arrow!  Use your skills to navigate the forest temple that the purple Dragobats have taken over.  Never forget to recall your magic arrow, or you might find you have nothing to fight with.  Because you are small you can also use the magic arrow as a platform!  

Can you defeat the final boss? Save the forest!

Made by a solo game dev for GMTK Game Gam 2019 (Made in 48 hours, ranked 596th out of 2633 entries)

  • Theme: ONLY ONE
    • I choose to do a 2d platformer set in a colorful forest.  (My GF picked the colors ^^ )
    • Features 3 levels, and 3 bosses, and a Magical Bow and Arrow that flies back to the player
    • Controls: A and D = Move left/right.  Space bar = double jump. Left mouse = Shoot.  Right mouse = Recall Arrow
    • Made in UNITY 2D
    • Sprites made in Photoshop CC
    • Sound made in sfxr
    • Music made in ecrett music
  • My learning goals for this game were: Improve platforming skills.  A landing animation (was actually really hard for me haha).  Figuring out how to make an arrow become a platform and able to recall it.

I look forward to playing other’s games and leaving feedback, I hope I get some awesome constructive criticisms as well!


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Only One Arrow -Neat Games - 58 MB


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Very cute little game! :D Love the visuals and the mechanics are clever!

Oh thank you for playing! I hope to improve the levels to use the mechanic more!

Nice game with a great arrow mechanic. I liked the pastel colors so much! A very nice work done. Sometimes I got confused on the mixed white of the character and scenario.

Thanks for the feed back! I should add more contrast~