- - - Controls: WASD + L-Click Shoots. Can you beat all  4 levels?- - -

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The Earth has been ravaged by an alien invasion.  They arrived from mini black holes.  You are one of the last fighter pilots, and you have discovered time travel is possible through the portals with your modified star-ship.  Your final mission is, REWIND to the past and stop the first invasion!


Enter a Black Hole and REWIND time and see the city destruction in reverse!


Face many different Black Hole Jellyfish Aliens!


  • Made for the Brackey's 2020 Jam 2!
    • Theme: REWIND
    • Made with Unity.
    • Art made in PhotoShop. (All art made during the jam)
    • Music made with ecrett music.  SFX made with sfxr.
    • Genre: Side-Scrolling Action Shooter 
    • I knew I did't have much time to work on this.  Therefore, I made just a fun little simple game that I tried to polish a lot and have some fun with sprite art.  Due to work, my week was crazy busy, but I still found an hour or two a day to complete this game :D (Also, I want to use this style of side-scrolling game for the last boss fight in my current big project *see the devlog above*)
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Great work keeping a good overall quality around the game, art, music and mechanics work really nice, keep it up.

Your YouTube videos brought me here :D The game is quite fun to play with!

This game felt very complete! The art programming and story fit together very well, but my favorite part was seeing a boss with multiple states.

that was fun and black holes don't exactly go back in time but they likely when you hit the event horizon freeze time i loved the game a bit short but fun it reminds me of that mini game in fnaf world where it was a bunch of characters in planes fighting some random enemies anyway keep up the good work man


I think you succeeded very well with the sprites! Music is awesome!! Ecrett seems cool, I might check it out for my next game. The game might be simple but it's polished and tight.

Well done!!

Thanks for a bunch for playing :D I do several jams a year~

Cool, I might see you in the coming Ludum Dare then?

(1 edit) (+1)

Very good game! Better than what I have done in 1 month:)

Thanks a lot, jams are great practice for sure :D  I just need to finish my big project >_< hehe