Welcome to Jupiter’s moon, Europa.  One of the largest moons in our solar system.  Europa is covered by rocky ice and deep below is a liquid ocean.  It is here that an alien race of Space Jellyfish were discovered and then they attacked Earth!  You are one of the last Space Marines.  Can you defeat all the bosses and avenge the Earth?

Made for GamesPlusJam 2! (Ranked 5th)

  • Theme: SPACE
  • I choose to do a 2d platformer set in outer space.  (I have already done a space shooter, so thought I would try this :))
  • Features 5 levels, and 5 bosses! Weapon pickups and drone followers!
  • All sprites made in Photoshop CC during the jam by me.
  • Game Engine is Unity 2D, C# scripts are new and edited from my previous games.
  • Sound effects made in sfxr
  • Music from YouTube Audio Library
  • Controls: A and D = Move left/right.  Space bar = double jump. Left mouse = Shoot.
  • My learning goals for this game were: Parallax Backgrounds, random sound arrays, new particles, and more!  I’m happy to report that I succeeded in learning many new things while also practicing what I’ve learned before.

I look forward to playing all the games and leaving feedback, I hope I get some awesome constructive criticisms as well! Please leave comments.


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Hey NeatGames! Are you open to having Europa used for student educational purposes? We have an online sound design program, and our students would love to try their hand at adding audio to your game. And if it interests you, we could maybe work out something where you can update the game with their audio contributions if you like how it sounds. Is there a good way to get in touch with you? Would love to talk more in DM's on twitter or Discord if you're interested.

are you planning on adding musi

I think I like no music at the beginning of levels, but during the boss wave spawns I want better music~

Huge! Really well done!

The game really is high quality. You could even improve it by adding more enemies, a little cam shake, some enemy hit feedback and the boss arenas were basically always very similar plus not more than just plain space.

This all being sad - it's just room for improvements and you're getting 5 stars from me gladly!

Thanks for checking it out!  Yes cam shake is a great idea~ i will study how to do it!  

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Great game! Visuals are awesome, the sound is good and adequate, the movement feels nice and gives you the feeling of being in outer space.

What I could add is a little more feedback when you recieve damage, also when you hit an enemy. Maybe shooting through walls feel a little weird and you definetly need a quit menu.

But otherwise it's impressive how you make a game this detailed in only 7 days, keep up the good work dude!

Thanks for the suggestions!  I will learn how to apply those~

Wow great game, the graphics are nice, the controls feel good

Thanks for playing!  Glad the feel was good~

Good game dev :D the game is great mechanics and art are really cool rated 5/5 , i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Wow thank you for the gameplay video!  I need to learn how to capture with game sound and better quality.  What program do you use?  Thanks again for playing!

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Thank you for watching glad you liked it , and i'm using nividia shadowplay and sometimes obs try them they are easy to use and so good quality but obs your first install you have to change some settings for a good quality it's easy you can watch a video for these settings on youtube but i recommend nividia shadowplay if u are using nividia  .

Very nice game, really like the art, especially the jelly fish hehe. Controls felt good, the enemies could use some feedback when you hit(like tinting red) and some cam shaken when you get hit and shoot would be nice. Am  impressed how much you got done over only 7 days. Looking forward for new updates :)

Oh great idea!  I will update it later for sure~  Thanks for the comment and playing!

All hail space marine blake.

Wow thanks for playing!! Awesome play through~~  His name is officially Blake!  Wanted to make a better ending scene, but ran out of time for the game jam hehe.

Yeah I had fun playing it and don't worry the ending was really good. It didn't give me any hang ups about would could of happened to space marine Blake.