Jackalope Alpha Version 1.2

THIS GAME IS IN ALPHA STAGE - (I will continue working on it daily for at least 70 more days.  Was #Devtober, now it is #100DaysOfGameDev) 

DAILY TWITTER UPDATES: https://twitter.com/neat_games

  • UPDATED v1.1
    • Fixed a bug when an enemy dies 100s of dead bodies spawn.  This was due to the automatic recall code. (created too many recalled spears thus multiple spear weapons)
    • The spear now pierces enemies and always needs to be recalled.  (not auto recalled)
    • The spear now does damage on the way back.
    • Almost all enemies have a die animation.
    • New enemy: Fly mother (spawns the regular flies).
    • 2nd Boss has a better jump tell (will improve even more later) .
    • Boss doors spawn collide boxes instantly (can't dash under).
  • UPDATED v1.2
    • Pause Menu, go to Main Menu button works now.
    • More foreground art on the tile maps.
    • More glow, shadow, and particle effects.
    • Boss Doors close during fight and open up after boss death.
    • Health pick ups are in game.
    • Adjusted some enemy health values and death animations.

Please check out the game and leave me some suggestions/comments/feedback please: https://neatgames.itch.io/jackalope

You can leave it in the comments or use this GOOGLE FORMS SURVEY: https://forms.gle/s5FKoAaySMKQK9ha7


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Nov 09, 2019

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